How to Knit a Pair of Socks, Using a Chart

Can sombody out there please explain how you knit, so that a (for lack of a better way to explain it) picture is knit into the sock pattern. I want to knit these socks for myself…but, I’ve never followed a chart before. How do I read it and then work it? The pattern I want to use can be found at [color=blue][/color] It’s the Moonlight Slipper Sock. How do I read and follow the chart to create the moon in my sock? Is there an easy way to explain it? Please help! :wall:
Thanks so much,

The chart is made on the heel flap, the entire heel flap is 22 stitches wide and is worked back and forth. You will start row 1 of the heel flap where the chart says ‘begin here’ and you will work the first row right to left. The first row and all odd numbered rows on the chart will be read right to left, and all even numbered rows will be read left to right, working from the bottom of the chart towards the top. Obviously you will switch to the white yarn when you come to the grid squares that form the moon shape.

It will be a total of 19 rows, and they are asking you to slip the first stitch of every row.

If you have further questions, as away!


Hi, KnitQueen:
Thanks for the info. This question might be stupid :oops: but, do I number the chart…so, I can follow it?

You mean number the rows?? Sure, if that makes it easier to follow. Put the odd numbers up the right hand side of the chart every other row, and the even numbers every other row on the left hand side of the chart, starting from the bottom up. It will help you remember which side of the chart to start on depending on what row you’re working.

Thanks again…I’ll try it! :smiley:

I meant to mention that this particular chart is rather incomplete - most charts are a bit more specific, naming the row numbers, the stitch repeat, etc. So I don’t blame you for being a bit confused, being your first chart and all.


I just knitted these slipper socks and the chart isn’t hard at all. I too hadn’t work a chart before and I thought this would be a good practice piece.

Your socks came out beautifully. I :heart: them! I want a pair! Now, I know I have to make them! :smiley: