How to knit a dog?

I am knitting out of the Knit Your Own Dog book. And I’m knitting the miniature schnauzer. I have knit everything up to the neck and head. However I don’t understand row 1 instructions… If any one knows the book please help me!!!

If you post a few lines that you don’t understand we may be able to help you even without the book. :slight_smile:

I have the right and left side of the body already knited and on two diffrent needles then the directions for the neck say… With gray and with RS facing k9 from spare needle of right side of body then k9 from spare needle of left side of body.(18 sts).

When I tryed what I thought it said and it did not work

How many sts do you have on the two needles for the right and left sides?
You may be joining all of the sts from the right and left sides. Pick up the grey yarn and knit across the two pieces. Don’t worry that the join doesn’t seem very secure, it will look better as you knit more rows.
If you’re only joining a portion of the sts from each side, I’d guess it’s the middle 18sts. I’d slip sts from the right side to a holder until 9 remained, start knitting with a new end of yarn across 9sts, then 9sts from the left side and leave any extra sts from the left side on a holder.
What is it about your knitting that you don’t think looks right?

There is only 9 on each needle. When I knited all the sts on the right side of needle then all of the left when you look at it there us no way that at the end you could sew all of the pecies together right

I think I just figered it out. I think I just had to knit another row on the left side if the body to get it facing the right way. Thanks for the help.

It’s nice when it’s something so simple. :slight_smile: You learned something for the next time something like this happens, too.:thumbsup: