How to keep yarn organized during knitting project

I find that while knitting my project, my skein of yarn tumbles out of the bag. Anyone have good ideas about how to corral the yarn during working?

How is the bag sitting? Is it next to you, on the floor, or on your lap?

I do a lot of knitting on my commute on a bus, which is not at all stable. I find it best if I either keep the bag in my lap, tilted in towards my torso, and pull the yarn I need for the row out of the bag each time or, I place the yarn on the seat next to me with the bag tilted in toward the back of the seat.

I don’t find that I can keep the yarn on the floor and knit without it rolling out. If the bag is closer to me, I can shift the ball around periodically if I need to by shifting the bag, and it doesn’t take that much time or distraction from the knitting.

I’ve never had a problem with this, and haven’t tried this, but I’ve heard of folks putting the yarn in some sort of can or box with a lid and making the yarn go through a hole in the top. That should work.

Please forgive the silly question but are you pulling your thread from the middle?

Maybe a yarn bowl?