How to keep shawl from stretching?

Hi. I made this shawl Rainbow Boucle Wrap
using Patons Brilliant yarn because I loved the silver sparkle to it. I made it for a friend’s birthday but I was unhappy with the way it completely stretched out all the way to the floor if you held it sideways like when you would go to wrap it around your shoulders. If you did not have the two ends completely over your forearms then the shawl would drape all down your back to the floor and stretch out the design. Did this happen because of the yarn I used or is it just the pattern? Also, if you caught a loop on something it stretched it all out so you then had to pull around it to even it out. Is there a way to stop it from stretching?

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Without having used that yarn before I’d say the problem is the pattern. I think those elongated stitches and the general laciness would cause it to stretch out. I think if you made it again I’d make it shorter to compensate for that problem. :shrug: