How to keep scarf ends from curving inward?

I am not asking about how to keep a scarf or hat from rolling. This is a bit different question. Whenever I am knitting a scarf, my first two or three rows are wider than my remaining rows and it makes an unsightly curve. It looks kind of like this when I am finished:

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Is this a guage problem? Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening?

Any help is appreciated from this newbie.

You may have cast on and knit the first few rows loosely and the last few. Or maybe you lost or gained some sts, it’s hard to say which. Just keep practicing and your tension will even out.

I agree, it’s a tension issue. From what you describe, assuming the stitch count remains the same, your tension is tighter in the middle than at the ends.

This happened when I first started knitting. Its a tension issue. It gets better with practice. In the mean time you might be able to even out the look with blocking a bit.

Hi! Are you knitting your scrarf in stocking knit stitch? If so, that will always roll on the sides. If you like to knit a scarf in stocking knit you have to make a little boarder of two stitches on either side in garder stitch to prevent the rolling. I hope this will be of some help to you.
Happy knitting! Wies

That isn’t what she means. The edges lie flat, but are curved lengthwise, indicating the edges are looser than then middle sts.

Thank you for your responses. I agree this must be a tension issue. I’ll keep working on it and hopefully it will soon sort itself out.

Wies, thank you for that tip on how to prevent rolling. I haven’t had that problem yet but I’m sure it will come up sooner or later.

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