How to keep pattern with increases?

I am knitting my first sweater and it was going pretty good, I have the front and back DONE.:cheering: But I am having problems keeping the pattern in the sleeves with the increases. The pattern is: Row1: K1 slip 1 Row 2:purl repeat rows 1&2. And it did work beautifully on front and back! It makes a ribbed looked. On the sleeves though the pattern keeps moving over one stitch when I increase. Directions read this way: Cast on 26 st (not a problem) Work in pattern increasing 1 st each side every 5th row. I do this and the pattern changes.

If any one has suggestions I would reallly appricate it.
Thank You.
P.S. The sweater is supposed to be done by Christmas. So I need help fast. :wink:

Imagine the pattern expaning outward as you widen the sleeves.

So if you start with

. . . . . . k s k s k s k s k you’ll increase one on each edge.
. . . . . [COLOR=Red]I [/COLOR]k s k s k s k s k [COLOR=Red]I [COLOR=Black]you’ll purl these stitches across the back
. . . . . [COLOR=Red]s[/COLOR] k s k s k s k s k [COLOR=Red]s [COLOR=Black]on the next increase
. . . . [COLOR=Red]k[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]s[/COLOR] k s k s k s k s k [COLOR=Red]s k

[COLOR=Black]You can knit into the front and back of the first and last stitches for your increases, or do a M1 a stitch in. Either way, after you purl back on the row after the increases, you start one stitch to the left of what was there and continue at the other end with whatever stitch would have come next.

Clear enough?

Thank You ! :stuck_out_tongue: