How to keep from getting tangled

Hi, I just ordered some bare yarn from KnitPicks and I am going to try dying it with Kool-Aid. I have a terrible problem with getting my hanks of yarn tangle as soon as I remove the paper. I am worried that while handling the yarn to dye it I will really get into trouble. Any suggestions?


I haven’t dyed yarn, but many hanks that I get are tied in several places to keep it from getting tangled.

Knit Picks yarn isn’t tied, so I would carefully seperate it, and then tie it with yarn to keep it from getting tangled. I don’t dye, so that’s not professional advice.

their yarn is usually only tied in a couple of places. carefully untwist the hank so it’s in that really big loop, lay it out on a table , untie the knots it came with, and immediately take a few of pieces of acrylic (in a color that doesn’t match what you’re going to dye the yarn) and tie it up in a few 4 to 6 places.

I usually have it tied in 4 places total, but 6 would probably work better.

acrylic works better than wool because it doesn’t dye and the knots are easier to find after you dye.