How to Keep a Dachshund Entertained for Hours!

Thanks to Dustinac for pointing me to the thread that tells how to do this, I can now share the Jerry the Dachshund video with you. :yay:


Omigod…that is hilarious! Is that your dog? :roflhard::roflhard:

No, but I grew up with wiener dogs as pets and my parent still has them. I’d have one now except my apartment complex doesn’t allow dogs. They are the best. :heart: I just found the video when I was browsing around on YouTube.

LOL! That is too funny!

That is so cool! What a smart dog!

He is a smart dog! Did you notice how he has his timing down to where he takes off at just the right time before the ball launches to get there just about when it lands in the other room?

Oh my gosh that is so funny. :roflhard: Yes Dachshund are the best I have a mini dachshund and she loves doing things like that. Never thought of using a ball thrower :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

For hours??? For life!!!

I really could’ve used one of those for my Dachshund.

Heh, my mom collects those plastic milk jugs, washes them out, and when she has a half dozen or so, she throws them out in the back yard for her dachshund Wendy to “kill.” That dog would stay out there until dark pushing and biting and attacking those milk jugs if my mom would let her, but she brings her in after a while because Wendy is 12 and my mom doesn’t want her to have a heart attack.

That is funny. Kept the dog and the little boy busy. Smart Mom!!! :thumbsup:

That is too funny! :roflhard:

Don’t know who is smarter, the dog or the inventor! Brilliant! :roflhard:

Oh! Man! :woot:

I want the plans on how to make the ball thrower!

:yay: Great vid. Thanks for sharing!

Of course, my half-rot would just chew up the balls. :roll: I don’t think he’d ever get the idea to return the ball to the machine to throw it for him. :doh:


Are you an engineer Jack? :wink:


I wanted to be an engineer, but got into computer science instead.

Now I want to go back to drawing and making machines. :think: :shrug:


Oh I need this SO bad!!! I have an 11 year old (Pepper) who will NOT leave us alone all evening wanting us to throw the ball.

I sent the YouTube link to DH and he sent me this back, something perhaps we can get for active dogs. It’s[SIZE=2] called the [/SIZE][SIZE=2]godoggo remote control ball launcher for dogs[/SIZE]

Also found it for sale here. Not cheap but probably worth it!

I don’t know how to link a YouTube video, but I found this one there of a dog playing with that GoDogGo here.

Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread! :muah:

No worries! I don’t consider it a hijack. :slight_smile:

I had to ask about embedding a video too. Dustinac pointed me in the right direction:

Oh, it’s real easy. in the youtube link look for the symbols “?v=” and what follows is the video ID. Your video link has “v=WR9twbqGHfw” in it. So the ID “WR9twbqGHfw” is the first part of what you need.

Next part is easy, Sheldon has included icons for both YouTube and Google Video. They are just above the “favorite smiles” box that is the right of the posting area.

If you edit a previous post, you will first need to use the [Go Advanced] button along the bottom of the edit box.

To use the YouTube icon, you first past in that video code, then highlight it with a click and drag of the mouse over the text of the ID.

With the video id of “WR9twbqGHfw” highlighted, you then click the you tube icon.

Which makes it look like this…

When you submit your post that line will be replaced by the imbedded video box.