How to k3lift, and then yo?

Need help on how to do this [k3lift, yo] to last st, than you so much💥

What is the name of your pattern? Can you give us a link to it?
There should be a list of abbreviations either at the beginning or end of the pattern. Does that incude the k2lift?

Hi Jibara, Have you looked in your pattern abbreviations for instruction on how to do this stitch, anything unusual is normally fully explained there. As the [K3lift, is all grouped together it looks like it may well be a particular instruction and perhaps not just a k3 lift(lifted stitch), yo which would add 2 extra stitches in every 3. What pattern are you knitting from?

Thank you I reviewed the pattern again and figured out how to do it , the pattern nam e is,knots of love. :blush::boom: