How to K1 increase on 1st row

Hi there

Im hoping someone can help me…my pattern states, cast on 77 sts which i have done but then the 1st row is K1, *(k1, inc in next st) twice, k1, rep from * to last st k1.

I cant find any videos online to help with this as all of the increasing stitches videos already have a few knitted rows to work from.

Is anyone able to explain how to do this?
Thank you in advance!

What is your pattern? And what cast on are you using?

Usually I do a long tail cast on but another would work also. Do not attempt this with a backward loop cast on.

I would use a kfb so it would be k1, kfb. The kfb should work on your first row the same as any other row. It might be a bit more fiddly is all. If you give the stitch count for the end of the first row someone who can do such things will be able to tell you if the kfb increase as I suggested will give the right number of stitches. That’s not me.

Thank you for your reply :blush:

I think i just use single loop cast on but maybe that is too basic to be able to increase stitchs in the first row?..i am knitting a cap and the end amount of stitches after the first row is 107 (beginning with 77)

I will try what you suggested

Thank you!