How to join

what’s a good way to join knitted squares, and, in the process,
let the joining be seen, as part of the design?

and, even, if I want to, make the joining a decorative border, between
knitted squares?:neutral:

:think: the only thing I can think of is… to do it with crochet…but I’m not sure :shrug:

Here’s an existing thread asking much the same:


I don’t know how to crochet.

The afghan pictured on the thread is what I want, but, NOT crocheted!
Has ANYONE ever knitted a border to join knitted squares?:wall:
Somebody has got to have done it.

Crochet is quite easy to do. Perhaps something you might want to try. If ‘squares’ are joined with knitting they’re usually worked as vertical strips and then sewn.

[i]ETA: this site speaks to joning patchwork-type sqs tog (by sewing)

You could do a whipstitch, or similar, after the fact, for detail. Or, if your selvage sts are nice and uniform, you could opt to have your seam show on the RS. That would give you a raised delineation between each sq. Not sure that’s a look you’d want but you might want to play with the concept.

You might also check with the KALs here, and on other sites, where individuals have done sqs that are to be joined…see if anyone has knit them tog.[/i]