How to join using circular needles

The pattern that I am trying to make states With circular needles CO 83 stiches. Join and work in seed stich. How do I join the yarn? I cant seem to be able to do this?

Also the pattern asks for Deco Ribbon by yarn palace. Do I have to use this yarn or can I use another ribbon yarn? The yarn is 70% acrylic, 30% nylon for 50 g/80 yards

Thaks a bunch, Jibara

By join it means to start knitting. Look at the videos under Advanced Techniques for several ways of knitting in the round. You can use another yarn as long as it’s a similar thickness.

you are not so much joing the yarn as joing the knitting.

when you are knitting in the round you atrt with the working yarn coming from the right hand needle and hold it behind the left hand needle, you then juststart knitting as usual withthe working yarn in theis position and it into a circle.

you should be able to use any ribbon yarn, but it might be best to do a guage swath first to make sure.

I was told to cast on 1 extra, then when I joined, k2tog. I was told that this would make a better join (although I haven’t had a joining problem in the past)

anyone else do this?

I do that. There’s less of a gap between the last and first stitch that way. At least it works that way for me. :happydance:

Yes, I do it too, and it does make the join much snugger than just pulling the yarn tight. Looks better too.

thanks for the tip . i hadnt heard that but that will realy help.

Thank you ladies! I was wondering that too. I am new to this forum (at least new to actually posting!) and I was looking for another question and came across a few that I had, and this was one of them. Thank oyu!


I CO an extra stitch and then slip one from the right needle to the left, and then slip the second stitch on the left needle over that one and off. Makes for a nice join.