How to join stitches in the round with a 34 st co

Hello, new to knitting and pattern I have for a scarf says to CO 34 stitches with size 8 circular needles then join to knit in the round. This leads me to my problem. I am using 16" cable and every video I find to show me how to join after casting on is showing stitches from needle to needle. Since I only have 34 stitches on how would I join that? They won’t stretch all the way around cable to other needle. I hope this makes sense but I’m beginning to wonder if the pattern is wrong. Would appreciate any advice!
Thanks, Mar

You’ll likely have to go to another method of small diameter knitting: magic loop, double pointed needles or 2 circulars. See the second topic on this page:

I appreciate your advice and will check out the video. The instructions that I received did not mention the size cable to use and I assumed it would be 16". Sounds like even if there were a smaller cable I still need to learn a different join for smaller circumferences.

Thanks again!

There are smaller needles (9" tip to tip) but even that won’t work for 34sts.
What pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

I never even use my 16" circs anymore. I just use magic loop with a long cable for the majority of in the round projects. For very small things I will sometimes use DPN.

Thanks Jan, I may need to learn how to use DPN’s. As a new knitter they seem very intimidating to me :wink:

I believe I will need to learn to use DPN’s. This was given to me as hand written instructions, no pattern. Just the instructions to co 34 st, join in the round and knit to desired length. I retired in February of this year and I friend who knew I was learning to knit purchased Noro Yarn from a local shop and owner wrote the instructions down. I am using size 8 needles simply because the yarn label suggested. Not even sure if that is what I am to use for the scarf. I have a message out to the owner of the shop, hopefully she will enlighten me further.

I’m sure she can help as it sounds like something she’s made before. If you like the knit fabric with the size 8 needles then go ahead and use them. If a knit swatch seems too loose, go to a smaller needle and if it seems too tight, use a larger needle.

Using DPN isn’t as hard as it looks. You just have stitches on each needle, but you still knit with only two. Normally you have the stitches on 3 or 4 needles and knit with another. The only trick is you need to learn to keep the joins between needles close so you don’t get “ladders” which is a loose area between needles.

Personally I’d probably use magic loop for 34 stitches, but it’s definitely personal choice.

Hi Jan, I tried briefly DPN yesterday and using 3 needles plus the active one. I found it very confusing just looking at those extra needles so today I will watch the video on magic loop and see if it works better with my brain :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how I do! Thanks!

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DPNs are not too hard to use if you use a different color or two markers to show you the beginning of each row. I also use rubber needle caps on all the ends to keep from dropping stitches. Jan_in_CA is right about keeping the needles close together.

I do prefer circular needles and sometimes use them even when straights would work.

My grandmother made hundreds (probably thousands) of pairs of booties in all sizes during her lifetime on DPNs with no markers and no needle caps. I have her handwritten pattern but have not attempted it yet. No mention of needle size, gauge or quantity of yarn. lol Maybe I will post it on this site and let people have a go at it.

Hi Susan,
Thank you for your suggestion. I too love circular needles and use them for all things knit. Being a newish knitter I find DPN confusing. Someone sent me a link for Magic Loop and that is what I have been doing. Seems a bit easier for my brain to comprehend :wink: As I get confidence I will try the DPNs as I feel there are probably better for really small knit patterns.

I often use two circulars instead of DPs.

I gave away my 16 inch circs quickly as they were tooooo short for me.

There’s a you-tube video on tight cast on in round. Knitting Help - Tight Circular Cast-On Very Pink knits.