How to join into a round

Um…1st time on the circulars. I cast on–knitted cast on–the 55 stitches I’m supposed to begin with. After casting on 55 stitches the pattern says: “Join in the round and place a marker for the beginning of the round. Knit for two inches.”

My problem: The tail of my cast on is on one end, the left, is at the otherand the working end at the other, the right. I went to the Goddess’ video on circular knitting, and her work shows both ends of the yarn at the same place.

I don’t know if I’m describing this well, and I don’t have a camera. What I’ve got looks like what I’d have on regular straight needles.

Could someone Please tell me where I’ve gone wrong. :heart:

mohair in maine

I would check amy’s video on large diameter circular knitting here. Your work has to fit pretty closely to the entire length of the needle if you are using one circ. If it doesn’t and there is a lot of circular needle left check out the magic loop video.

She (the Goddess) probably used a different cast on that you. If you do a long tail, then the working yarn and tail are at the same end. If you use a single-strand cast on, they’ll be at different ends. Just knit into the first stitch on the left needle and you’ll be joined.

You haven’t done anythng wrong, you just haven’t joined yet. The video probably used a longtail cast on, so don’t worry about having the tails on two different ends. Put the needle tip with the last cast on stitch (it has the yarn that’s attached to the skein) in your right hand, place a stitch marker on that needle and proceed to knit the first round. You may want to tighten the first few stitches to make sure there’s not a lot of slace between your last cast on. Then when you get to the marker, slip it to the right needle and knit the second round. Keep going for two inches. :wink:

You’ll be fine.


:heart: Unity, sweet unity! I’m joined!

Thanks all for unraveling my mystery (slight pun intended). I had watched Amy’s video (she is my Goddess) on large cirular diameter knitting, I just couldn’t figure out why her cast on was different than mine.

Couldn’t do it without all of you.

P.S. it’s a hat for a wee one to be that I’m knitting