How to join 2 sections of a lacy scarf?

What would be the best way of joining two pieces of a scarf together so I can have matching scalloped ends? I dislike the look of a bound off edge, especially with a lacy motif.

So, is it possible to join 2 matching beginning sections with kitchner - grafting or ? Will it work with a lacy leaf pattern plus some seed stitch dividers and borders? This is a very pretty scarf that I’ve sort of cobbled together with a few stitch patterns and I don’t want it ruined by one dorky looking straight bind off end. Would appreciate suggestions. Jean

Yes, it is possible. But in my personal experience it not easy to get a perfect job when doing kitchener graft over a pattern. It can be done though I believe. You might try doing some searches for things about grafting/kitchener in pattern or some such thing. I’ve seen some of them and for me I didn’t get it altogether. :eyes: But you may have better results.

If you don’t mind a nice straight seam I’d suggest a 3-needle bind-off connecting the two ends.

Appreciate the suggestions. I think I’ll explore both methods. Can’t really tell unless I try. There is one row of the lace pattern that has all purls across, except the knit - purl of dividing seed stitch. That’s where I believe I’ll stage my first attack/attempt.

Joining 2 rows of purls sounds promising to me. Grafting lots of yo’s and sk2p’s might prove too dangerous especially since I’ll be working without a net.

Then maybe this is a good time to put in a lifeline on both sides. If you run into problems with the join, you can drop back to the lifeline without any trouble.

How do you do a life line?

~ Sarah