How to Jazz up my pattern

I bought some velvet spun lionbrand yarn and love it, I’m making a scarf for a small child (girl). I’m just knitting the entire thing because you can’t really see any difference in stitches because it’s so fluffy. I was trying to come up with some ideas on how to jazz it up a bit, I was thinking about sewing a few cute little buttons on it, but does anyone else have any ideas?

I was going to say it doesn’t show very good stitch definition, but I see you’ve discovered that already. :wink: Since it’s for a young child how about some cute knitted or crocheted flowers at the ends? (Buttons would be cute, but I’d be afraid they might get chewed off and choked on.)

good point about the buttons! She’s just over 1, so she’s still in the putting things in her mouth stage… those flowers look adorable! I think i’ll probably go with that. How would I attach them to the scarf though?

You could use a matching yarn or even a sturdy thread. I made a little hat and put one of the flowers on it and I “think” I used thread, but I’m not positive. In lieu of the button you could just use yarn and go back and forth embroidery style to create the center, or knit a bobble.

that hat is adorable! what is a bobble tho?

Is there a way to add fringe or a cute border or something? im so new at this i can’t really think of anything creative or how to do it…

Sure! Fringe is easy, but again be careful it’s not something a child will choke on.

Instructions here for creating bobbles.

to create like stringy fringe do I just tie some strings at the bottom of the scarf?

the bottom of this site shows how to add fringe.

Thanks everyone for your help! I finished my scarf, it’s on the “watcha knitting” part :slight_smile: