How to increases sleeves at enterlac pattern

please can anybody explain me how to knit sleeves at entrelac pattern? i can´t finish my sweater :waah: 1000 thanks

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What sweater pattern are you using? Can you give us a link to it or tell us the name of the pattern? Alternatively, could you quote just the directions for increasing on the sleeves?

well, the patern is [B][I]entrelac[/I][/B] but i´m not following any scheme. i´ve learned the pattern watching a tutorial video, and decided to make a sweater whith it. but it is a modular pattern, so i´m not sure it is possible to use it like this… i have already tried the tecnics i know for increasing on the sleeves but the pattern beggins to get odd at the edges…

You’re not using a pattern for the sweater, but trying to put one together using entrelac? That’s challenging! Maybe you should go for a drop shoulder and avoid increasing and/or decreasing. Alternatively, there are patterns you could use, I’m sure.

Clarification: We’ve used “pattern” to mean the instructions for making a sweater. You seem to be using it to describe the entrelac itself and to use “scheme” as we’ve used pattern. We really want to be sure we understand what you’re asking and try to give you responses you can use. :slight_smile:

that´s right GrumpyGramma, i created my own sweater pattern and i used a drop shoulder but shapping sleaves has been very challenging…

My favorite entrelac sweater is made in one piece. It’s basically in the shape of a cross with the sleeves as the crossbar. There’s no shaping to the sleeves at all. It’s similar to the idea that GG mentioned, a drop shoulder. If you’ve already knit the front and back, you could make the sleeves as rectangles and seam to the body. It gives a slightly full sleeve but it works beautifully with the entrelac. The ribbed cuff is picked up and knit to the end of the sleeve and that narrows the sleeve at the wrist.