How to increase

the instructions reads:: then every 6 rows O (3) times.

ok, do I increase on “each” row, so many times

or increase once every 6 rows

total confusion, meets brain drain!

You increase once every 6 rows for a total of three times. That’s 3 times over 18 rows I think.

What are you making?

I’m making my first sweater, for myself. I have started with the sleeves first. Just making sure that I’m not missing something.


Brave! Let us see how this turns out. Sweaters still intimidate me and can stop me cold when knitting. I’m a chicken.

If you’re making the smaller size, that’s the 0 times, so you would skip this instruction and go on to the next.

OMG, Suzeeq, I’m so glad you responded to this question. I was reading it and my mind went numb as I contemplated it, but of course, you are right. That’s exactly what the parenthesis indicate. Size. Ho hum. Either I’ve been knitting too much or not enough today. Brain Fog.:knitting: