How to increase?

Hello fellow knitters. My question is I have a hat pattern that says to cast on 72 stitches on US8 circulars. I only have US6 circulars so how many more stitches do I need to cast on to make it equivalent? Thanks!:aww:

Make a gauge swatch and see how many stitches you are getting to an inch. Then you can figure out how many stitches you will need to cast on to get the measurements of the hat.

If you knit loosely, you may even find that you are pretty close, if not right on gauge with your size 6 needles. I am a loose knitter and usually need to drop a needle size or 2 to make my gauge.

If your gauge is really far off with your size 6, you might want to consider making the investment in the correct needle size. Changing needle size not only affects stitches per inch but rows per inch as well. This may not be so critical with hats but if you go on to knit other kinds of patterns, you may have trouble with the lengths.

You need to know how many sts per inch you get on the 6s and compare that to the gauge listed in the pattern. If the pattern gauge is 4 sts/inch, 72 sts would be 18". If you get 5 sts/inch then you’d need 90 for the same 18". I just used these numbers as an example, what you have may be different.

Yes, needles are expensive. (so is everything!)

but a size 8 needle is a work horse… it’s the MOST common size recommended for worsted weigh yarn. and worsted is such a common yarn!

I have dozens! straights, (long and short), circ’s, and DPN’s.

I use them all the time… (for hats, for scarves, for sweaters, for thousands of things.)

a size 8 circ (a long ish one) --say 36 inches or 40 inches can be use for knitting straight, for sweaters, for magic loop (for short things like hats)

You’ll be happier in the end.

if you are using a size 6 (2 sizes smaller!) you are going to change not only the gauge, but the fabric of the knitting…
and while this (ABSOLUTELY!) can be a good thing (i just knit a poor boy type vest (all ribs, all the time) on a size 6, (with worsted weight yarn) --i knit the matching/coordinating sweaters (one for him, one for her, grandchildren) with size 8’s…(and got a nice smooth fabric, not too thick, but certainly not ‘drapey’)

You can increase from now to next year, but you are not going to get the same hat (and might, be disapointed with the results) if you use the smaller needle.

Well yes, the hat would be more densely knit on 6s than 8s, but for a hat that might be a bad thing. I actually prefer to knit worsted weight on larger needles, size 10 or 10½ though I’m not a tight knitter. I just like a looser gauge.

You can get needles either on sale at the craft stores, or check for 40% off coupons to buy them with. Or at walmart, the circs are less than $5. Also check out local thrift stores and see if they have any.