How to increase

I am wondering if there is an easy way to increase without there being any holes.

I am making a sweater and knitting the sleeves on a circular needle. THe pattern says “inc 1 st each end of needle every 5 rows, 11 times, 88 sts. Work evenly until piece measures 18 inches from beginning”

However, it appears that almost everything I do creates a hole in the sleeve. Now it will be along the seam, but it still looks tacky. Is there something I’m not doing?

I have tired making a stitch by picking up the yarn between the 2 sts. Hole forms. So then I tried knitting 2 sts in 1. Well, I either get a hole, or 1 of the 2 sts looks like a perl st. The good news is when 1 looks like a pearl, I don’t have a hole. Not sure which would look worse.


At the top of the page there are tabs…click the basic tab and then click increases. There is a great example of what the increases look like. :wink:

The bar increase is usally the most invisible. Have you checked out Amy’s videos on increasing?

The bar increase is also known as knit in the front and back of the stitch. When you lift the yarn between 2 sts, you need to put a twist in it when you knit it which helps minimize the hole. The most invisible with no holes is the KLL/KRL that’s demonstrated on the increases page.


Thanks guys. I was just looking at the glossery of terms, and I didn’t like the 1 video they had there. I like the M1R, so plan to go play with that for a while and see if I like it better. :thumbsup:

The increase section under Basic Techniques has a lot more than just 1 video…


yes suzeeq I found that you thank you.

I found something that I think will work. I did a couple of rounds, and although, if you spread the yarn, and look really hard, you can see a tiny hole. However, when I try the sleeve on it fits nicley and you can’t see a thing :cheering:

So, off to knit a little more before I have to start dinner.