how to increase stitches when knitting a leg


I am making a full baby body.

I have knitted the bottom of the leg which was a rib stitch now the pattern is telling me to:

place a marker on the first stitch in the round, knit until 1cm, then increase 1 stitch each side of the marker until you get the length of 32cm

so I make my row and in the first row i place a maker on the 1st stitch I make and continue to make rows until it reaches 1cm. then in that row I increase 2 stitches, one before the marker and one after it…but since the marker would either be the first of last stitch in the row, to make a stitch after it I would need to make a completely new stitch, is it?

When I did my ribbing it said to add 18 more stitches in the last row which I did, but i added 9 to each side instead of just to one side of the work…would that be incorrect?

I am totally new at knitting so complicated.

thanks for any advice!

The instructions are not very clear – they assume you will know how to do this. This would be quite an ambitious project for a beginner.

Yes, what you did was correct, and will work. Yes, you make two completely new stitches. To increase either side of the marker, you will need to use one of the increases, such as M1R or M1L – and I think I may mark TWO stitches, and then make my increases either side of the marker. That is, there will be two stitches between the increases – that way, I could use the raised increase or the lifted bar – there are so many ways to do this. No matter which increase you use, be sure you are consistent! Use the same method throughout your project, so it all looks planned, and not a mistake.
Good luck!