How to increase in pattern - k4p4 ribbing

Hi. First time poster here. And a man who knits!!!

I’m knitting the Men’s Zipped Raglan out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I am puzzled by some of the directions for the sleeves, which are knitted in the round, starting with 48 stitches and increased up to 72:

Work in (k4,p4) rib pattern for a total of 16 rounds - piece measures about 3” from beginning. Increase Rnd: Kf&b, knit to last st, kf&b - 2 st increased. Work increased sts into the k4, p4 rib pattern as they become available…

OK. I get how to do the 16 rounds… but how does the increase round work?

How do I incorporate the increased stitches into the pattern? If you only have two extra stitches won’t that throw the k4, p4 ribbing off? I have puzzled this over in my head for several days, and I’m just not sure what to do.

If I do the increases in the p section, the first time I’ll get 6 p in that section, then the next time 8, then 10, then… And I know that isn’t right.

I’m so puzzled.

Also is there a youtube/blog video that shows how to figure this out?

Thanks for your help.

It gets fiddly. I’m no help with videos because of limited bandwidth, but might be able to explain a little.
No matter what, the pattern is going to break to some degree. It has to. That’s not your fault or anything, it’s a function of having to make the sleeve bigger as it goes up your arm.
You can either add stitches to match the rib you have going, as the pattern calls for, or you can set up a new rib where the increases are. It would be easy to show and hard to tell. I would imagine the designer had in mind adding the stitches until you have, say, eight purls, then knitting the first four so the k4 rib begins again. That’s one way to do it.

If it were me, and the round already started with k4 and ended with p4, I might instead (p1k1 in same st) and (k1p1 in same st) at the end of the round. That would give you an odd-looking seam with what looks like a k1p1 rib, but every time you add a stitch it will work into that pattern until you have a full-width k4 or p4 rib. If you need more stitches, you then (k1p1) and (p1k1) to start a new section and go on with the planned increases. The new ribs will “grow” outward from the seam.
There’s a third way to do this if enough increases are needed–start the sleeve with k3p3 ribbing and start adding the new stitches into the ribbing pattern until all of the ribs are four stitches! It really does work, but man, is it ever fiddly.

It really helps to draw things like this on graph paper.

Thanks for your help!

I figured it out. It is actually easier to just sit down and do it, rather than try to figure out by reading about it.

It’s like: oh, I need to KP here, or I need to Kfb here to get an extra stitch.

And the second sleeve will be easier!