How to increase in k2 together, yo lace pattern

I’m knitting a lacey scarf that should be so easy. It’s just k2 together, yarn over, on an odd number of stitches, on big fat needles, and that’s the pattern. The problem is that every once in a while I mysteriously lose stitches. I started with 49 st per row, and now I think I’m down to 42 or 44. I’ve tried to correct but I can’t figure out how to increase when every other stitch on the row below is a yarn-over. Can someone tell me the best way to increase with this pattern stitch? I’m about halfway done the scarf, so if I can figure out how, I thought I might increase more or less symmetrically for the 2nd half of the scarf, and maybe it will look like I did it on purpose! Thank you.

Unfortunately, while you could put an increase anywhere in the row, I think it will look off because of the pattern.

You are likely loosing stitches because you are forgetting to do the YO or the YO is sliipping off the needle before you do the next k2tog.

The pattern as written is supposed to create alternating holes with thick (k2tog) sts. If you mess up and try to correct it, it will just look off. You will see where the mistake was. You will see where the correction was added.

That being said, if you really don’t want to tink/frog back and you want to try to correct this, I would add the extra stitch at the end of the row by either omiting the k2tog and just doing a k2 or doing a M1.

You’ve probably forgot to do a yo, or dropped one off somewhere. It would look off if you just add stitches here and there. You don’t have to start over again, but you can rip back to where you had the right number of stitches and start again from there. Then count the stitches every row or 2 to make sure you’re not losing any.

Thanks. I can’t frog back at this point, so I want to increase. At one point I tried to increase by k1, yo, k1, yo for a few stitches instead of k2t yo, but somehow I still ended up with the same number of stitches in the row. Having a yo every other stitch was confusing me for figuring out how to increase, but I just looked at the increases page and got some ideas so I’ll tackle it tomorrow and see how I do. thank you for the advice.

You might find it helpful to use stitch markers. These can be as simple as a loop of yarn tied with a knot. They’ll make it simpler to count sts and easier to recognize a missing stitch or and extra. It might also be a good place to insert a lifeline.

It’s very helpful if you have to rip back.

Wow. A lifeline. That would have been so helpful! I’ll start using one now, at least. Thanks!

You can put one in a few inches back too.

Oh man do I ever feel your pain. I’ve worked in this pattern – in the round – just a little while back, and did exactly the same thing. Unfortunately my solution won’t work for you because that was to go “Wendy? HEEEELLLLLPP?” Even after watching what she did (more than once :aww:) I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fix it myself.

And I thought the same thing when I learned about lifelines. What a handy thing that would have been.

I can’t say this will work for sure without knowing more about the dimensions of the scarf, but what you MIGHT be able to do is make it longer, put a twist in the fabric, seam the ends together to make a Mobius loop and nobody will ever know you shorted yourself a few YOs.