How to increase in Irish moss stitch?

I have just come to sleeves on my pattern (Hayfield bonus 2423) cast on 35.
It says to patt 12 (inc in next st, patt 1) twice, (inc in next st 3 times, (patt 1, inc in next st) twice patt 12.
Stitches remaining 42.

I have never increased nor decreased in Irish moss stitch before but it just doesn’t look right.
Is there a certain way to do It?
I would be grateful for any advice please.
Thank you.

Is this at the change between the cuff and the main portion of the sleeve?
Maybe this pattern?

There’s no special technique here. You want to maintain pattern as much as possible. You can work the increases as knits or purls and then incorporate them into the moss pattern on the next row.
It may be that the inc of 3 sts will become part of the center cable?

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Thank you for your reply. I have figured it out at last. Very pleased with the look of it too. Again many thanks x