How to increase in elongated moss stitch

Hello guys I’m confused I have opened the sleeves 3wice wondering how
To increase the pattern says
Row 1and 4. K1P1,K1 to the end
Row 2and 3. P1
K1,P1 to the end
Keep cont in pattern inc 1st at each end in the next and every follo 8 th row inc sts in patt

Till I unstood is ihave to inc in next row and every follo 8th row
Soo wen I inc I will inc in the v first st and in the last st soo in a row 2 incs nw the thing which I don’t understand is if I’m on row 2
I will be inc in the first st in purl front and back thn will con K1 and P1 soo on
And inc is the last sts Purl front and back and next row that is 3 row will fall by it self still some how after the inc the look does nt resemble like it should
Y its like tht ??? Pls cn anyone help

If you increase on the next row, call it row 0, then the next increases will be on rows 8, 16, 24 etc. Do the increase by kfb if that is your preference and then on the following row, make sure that you maintain the k1,p1 pattern. So if the next pattern row is a row 1 or 4, instead of a k1 it would start with a p1. If the next row is a row 2 or 3, instead of a p1, it will now start with a k1. The row after every increase row will change the st at the beginning of the next row from k1 to p1 or vice versa.

I really dint understand why instead of p1 it will b k1 and vice versa
And how to keep a track of it wouldn’t it bc onfusing??

You want to maintain the pattern even though you’ve added in the extra sts. What you can do after the increases is always look at the pattern in the rows below and work the sts on the needle so that the pattern continues. It’s much easier than trying to write down the pattern.

I hope tht does not confuse me otherwise I won’t be asble to keep a track on the pattern at the same time on the no of rows
But thank you soo much for the help
Is there any eair way ??? So that I jus don’t go wrong

Sometimes I keep track of the pattern row with a row counter or with a paper and pencil, at least until the pattern is clear to me. For the increases, it may help to write out the row numbers and mark which rows have an increase in them. You could also note the pattern row (1-4) on the same paper and check off the rows as you complete them.