How to increase evenly

How do I figure this? The pattern i’m looking at making says increase 10 st evenly…

Heres a calculator for that

To me, when the directions say that, it isn’t critical if you get the spacing off by one or two stitches.

So. I divide the number of stitches into halves: for 10 stitches, that would be 5 and 5.

Then I fold the work where I’m supposed to increase on in half and mark it with a safety pin or a piece of yarn. For 5 stitches, I’d again fold the first half of the piece in half and mark it.

So for this first half-of-a-half, I need to increase 2 sts between the edge and the 1st marker. Then increase 1 st at the marker itself. Then increase 2 more between the marker and your half-way marker.

Comes out pretty evenly - I’ve not had any real problems. This also works well when you have to pick up x number of stitches around a neckline or an armhole.

If they wanted anything more precise, they’d’ve put it into the directions, right? Right.


Honstly I don’t understand why they don’t just write it in the pattern to start with??? Are they trying to make it seem harder than it really is by making us figure all this out??

A pattern usually has several different sizes and you may need to increase different numbers of sts, so writing it to `inc X sts evenly spaced’ is much easier. It’s not too hard to figure out - if you’re to inc 10sts even spaced and you have 60 sts, you inc every 6 sts.

I agree with DorothyDot that it is not that critical to get them just so. When you start out you really sweat all this stuff, but after you get a little experience you find it is not a life of death issue. :slight_smile: Get them as even as you can without having to stress out too much and you should probably be safe.