How to increase evenly in the round and keep 1x1 rib pattern

I’m working on a 1x1 ribbed cowl (in the round) and want to increase evenly without losing my stitch pattern. Is it possible? If so, how? Thanks for any expertise!

A link to the patter or picture would be a good idea. Do you keep working in the rib pattern, or does it switch to stockinette? If it switches to stockinette, just inc on the first round of it.

The conundrum is there is no pattern…I am knitting it as I go…

I want the entire cowl to be the same stitch pattern, i.e 1x1 rib…but that may not be possible. I may rip out tonight and start over. part of knitting on the fly I guess!:wink:

Well, you could increase in either the k or p stitch and keep those ribs as k1, p2 and it might not be noticeable.

I have no experience in doing this. This is just an off the top of my head idea. But is it possible to do 2 increases back to back then continue so that you basically just added a k1p1 rib???

She posted in another board that she did just that and it worked very well.

the solution is to increase TWICE in half as many spots around

you could try switching to larger needles; this would keep your ribbing and give you more width.