How to inc sts while keeping pattern when inc occur in middle of pattern and not at each en.

I am knitting a pattern called Smithfield by It is a sweater knit from the neck down. There are a lot of increases that occur throughout the rows. It a K1P3 pattern that I am trying to keep intact. Its been awhile since I knit something from the neck down. Most of the answers I saw in the forum dealt with increases at each end of the work which is easier to manage. When there are multiple inc happening its a little tricky keeping the pattern together. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you all! Nan

Can you tell us exactly where you are having problems?

The issue I am having is trying to keep the pattern together while doing multiple (8) increases on the increase rows. I am trying to minimize the damage to the pattern. When inc on either end you can minimize interruption to the pattern. But not so through the entire row of the pattern. Wondering if there were any pointers for increasing in the middle of the rows without interrupting the flow of the pattern.

For this pattern, do the increase rounds with the M1P as indicated. On the next round, incorporate that increase into the Granite stitch pattern. You’ll keep the pattern of ribbing the same (either a 2 or a 3 stitch rib) but increase the Granite stitch.
So for round 1 of the Granite, the repeat is k1, p3, then the increase stitch would be a k1 (your pattern would end: k1, p3, k1 before the marker) and so on until you have enough stitches for a full repeat of the pattern. Basically, keep increasing even though you won’t have enough sts for a full pattern repeat.
Of course this is a little more complicated because the Granite stitch pattern changes from rows 1&2 to rows 3&4 but if you keep track of the row number you’re on you should be ok.

Thank you so much for the advise, it was very helpful!!! This site is great!!