How to improve cables with purl stitch?

Hi all. I am feeling much better, won’t explain why, but it involves deluding myself.

A Magknits pattern has this tip:
‘A trick to make your cables nice is to work the purl st AFTER the cable carefully. If you wrap the yarn UP with the purl it will tighten the purl and enhance the cable.’
(from the Inner Truth cashmere scarf pattern)

Now I have seen Nona’s tip about working certain purl stitches in the opposite direction to tighten them up and improve the look of them in ribbing, and I understood it fine (although I didn’t notice any difference!)

But what does this mean? Carefully, and wrap the wool UP with the purl? What?

Can anyone explain this a bit more clearly please?


I’d like to know what that means too. I was gonna give Nona’s tip a try next time i cable cause i haven’t liked the result on the Magknit’s socks i’ve just finished. There is only one purl between the end of the cable and start of stockinette and it kinda gets lost, and i hate the pulling on the edge of the cable.

Well I suppose cabling usually involves ribbing, like purl some, k 6, purl some, and the cabling goes in the k 6 portion.

I noticed in my Fetching gloves (k4 p1 rib), the last knit before the purl was stretched out and what I can only call baggy (wide?). In my Baudelaire socks I tried the ‘purl continental’ tip and it didn’t help. The woman who rins a tiny knitting studio-type-thing, selling some of that designer stuff - DB, Noro, etc., thought it was probably because of the difference in my tension between knits and purls.
Having said that, she had not heard of Magic Loop and barely understood when I tried to explain 2 circs, so she’s not the last word - but that made sense, I imagine my purls were tighter. I get a similar problem with my Baudelaire socks, but it is less obvious because there’s only one knit stitch column on a purl background. They don’t have the 3 more even k st.s beside them looking neater, even though I am now knitting Continental.

Off this topic - you’re in Aussie yeah? Do you ever buy the nicer ‘designer’ stuff the Yanks have online from a company that ships overseas? I found one and imagine there are others but their shipping prices are most likely high, maybe worth it if I get lots of stuff at once. Hoping you may know where I should go to buy from one with reasonable shipping costs??
I can get some of the Rowan, DB, Noro from the woman I referred to before. Wondering about how you get your ‘nicer’ stuff (if you do?).

So again… anyone know what this ‘wrap the wool UP with the purl’ means?


This is what I do so I don’t get that BIG st at the end of cables
Say I’m putting 4 sts on cable needle,I pick up yarn from( back to front) in between 3rd and 4th sts and put it on the cable needle(it looks like you have 5 sts on needle),Then when it comes time to knit sts off cable needle I knit the picked up yarn and the forth st together. Then when I purl the next st I snug it up after I purl it and no gaps in my cable or purl sts.

Well… I wish I could find Noro, Malabrigo, things like that!! But I do have some exquisite Katia yarns. They can run quite a bit too though (up to $20) a ball, however, [size=2]ssshhhhh[/size], I recently went to Spotlight (do you have those in NZ - Man I would love to go to NZ, how beautiful is it over there!!) to buy a cable needle, which i don’t use now that i’ve taught myself to cable without a needle, and came out with over 100 balls of yarn (the lady who served me said, “do you think these will all fit in one bag”, to which i responded, "i’m not really concerned, i’m more worried about DH’s response when i lug this out to the car, i was sposed to buy 1 needle!!.. she burst out laughing). These balls could not be passed up though, and i bought everyone they had onshelf - they were marked down to .50c each, and all ranged between $12 - $18 dollars normally. How do you pass that up, i’d like to know!! There is an aussie yarn site i found that stocks Debbie Bliss and some other cool things, so that takes care of shipping for me, but I have only ordered some of their handdyed mulberry silk so far, which i thought was a good price at 1000m for $40 :shrug: I’m not usually an internet shopper, but I think this knitting thing will change all that! I like to see what i’m getting, but then there are some beautiful sari silks i’d love to buy, and online is my only option for that.

What peeved me most about being Aussie lately, was buying my options, only to discover they didn’t ship to us over here. I had to get someone on the forum to take delivery and them ship them for me. I’m still waiting for them 3 /12 weeks later :teehee:

Wow, sorry 'bout that, boy did you start me talking :teehee:

No Malabrigo, but we do have Spotlights with Cleckheaton and a lot of eyelash ‘yarn’, some Panda brand stuff which I have never bought etc. In NZ recently their Moda Vera stuff was way cheap, they have gotten rid of most of it now, I had hoped they had just stopped stocking it because it’s summer and it would all be back in winter. Let’s hope… but maybe they were entirely deleting it permanently!

Ha ha… they have tonnes of eyelash/ostrich feather stuff, they apparently can’t sell it! Hee hee!!!

I found a shop recently which had Cleckheaton Merino Supreme, how beautiful is that! By far the nicest stuff I’ve ever knit with!


yeah, i got rolled when i was a new knitter and bought quite a bit of this stuff :roll: . Luckily thought, it was all in pinks and purples, so i’m turning them into cushions for my little girls room… i’m sure she’ll appreciate it. :teehee:

KMart here sells Cleckheaton stuff, I just haven’t bought any yet. Now that i know it’s nice, (great, just great!!) I’ll have to go and buy some :teehee:

Spotlight used to stock Moda Vera here too, they’re not at the moment, so like you said fingers crossed. I got lucky however, and bought up a lot of their yarn when they were selling it off (gee, really!!) - lot’s and lot’s of ribbon that i have no idea what to do with, but it looks nice unknitted :oops: , and i got this weird stuff, umm… it’s like a ladder that consists of 2 laceweight strands either side with a little metallic coloured square every now and then in there, so the rest is hollow, if you get me. It’s a pain to knit cause occassionally you slip your needles through the 2 strands that make up the ladder (like when your leg slips off the rung and goes through, and if you were a boy, you would say ow!!), but i don’t know what to do with that stuff either. Maybe a handbag :shrug: . I have this bad habit of buying yarn, cause it needs a home, and looks at me with those little pouty labels… I can’t resist!

I’ve used some of the panda stuff, but I find that I steer towards their knitting and crochet cotton. That knits up really nicely i’ve found, for kids stuff.

you know… maybe we should continue this conversation in a coffee shop somewhere. I kinda hijacked this thread. Sorry folks.

By the way, I really hope you are feeling ok now too :hug:

Well, with this guy it was totally casual, he had no obligations whatsoever, just a physical thing. Then he told me he was seeing someone, and I was like ‘why not me?’ Plus a whole lot of other thoughts, some of them toally psycho.
You know what helped? Telling myself that he will eventually break up with this chick, and he will regret not choosing me once he was ready to date, and will make his move with me. Now I actually know he won’t (probably), but pretending it will happen has really helped me! I haven’t cried since I told myself that being with her will show him what bitches most women are, and one day he’ll see how amazing I am (seriously, to a guy, I have ALL the qualities he’d want in a girlfriend, I am a great catch)! Am I just coincidentally over him in 3 days? I doubt it. It must be how I have told myself he’ll want me soon, and somehow persuaded myself! I must remember to keep that for next time a guy breaks my heart, because it’s seriously working so far.

The Cleckheaton stuff, I have so far found to be okay, but it is mostly average. Like 100% wool/ Cleckheaton 8 ply and 12 ply, especially the silk stuff - with about 15% silk? - is exactly what you’d expect, and for 100% wool or 85% wool, it’s what you’d expect. Cleckheaton Country, and Country Naturals. When I say average, that’s how much I like it, but I’m sure that for 8 ply or 12 ply pure wool, it’s what you’d expect.

The stuff I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE is the Merino Supreme, 100% merino wool. When I squeeze it it has this springiness, like it actually resists me and puffs back up strongly! I strongly recommend that you have a look and feel of this if anyone near you sells it. Soft to the touch as well.

I didn’t get done too badly on the beginner stuff that’s hideous, I bought a lot of stuff thought that is nice when knitted, and I looked at it and thought ‘that would be gorgeous in a garter stitch scarf! Pretty wool without any stitch pattern/hard work!’

The thing is… garter stitch bores me now, I have been knitting about 10 months. I like lace, stitch patterns etc. (now).

So this nice novelty stuff is sitting in the bookcase! I also got some nice stuff from The Warehouse, surprisingly enough (that’s like K-mart but even more so!). Some pretty half-acrylic stuff with metallic bits, and some fuzzy but not eyelash pink stuff my friend would love.

I did like the Moda Vera Piuma and Caramella, gorgeous colours/textures. The other Moda Vera stuff I bought was nice, but nothing special.

That stuff you got, was it like railroad tracks? And called ‘Salsa’? I have a few balls of that to knit the poncho for which they provided free patterns. Maybe one day…


Yes! That’s it… Salsa. Railroad tracks!! :doh: Such a better description than mine, and so succint, why didn’t i think of that! I bought about 10 each of the silver, orange/red, dark blue, and light blue… so I have to figure out what to do with it all!

Oh… ppfffttt boys! I had one of those too - come stay with me 2 days a week while he was at college, no obligation but share my bed type stuff. I managed to avoid a broken heart over it, cause early on, when i realised how attached i was (i didn’t see him for 3 weeks and spent most of the time laying face down on the couch where he would sit :oops: ) I quickly went into ‘distancing’ mode. Needless to say, this kindof lasted a good 6 months, then one day, i don’t know, college stopped and so did we, but I didn’t even really think twice about it (I did, however, think twice about the chemical brothers CD, my coloured pencils, roleplaying games, of mine that he still had, and still does have 4 years later!). I am so glad that you have found a way to feel better about it, and you know, you’ll prolly feel even more empowered as time goes on, and it’ll be like… bah, you wanna come back, huh, NO! And conversely, if he is someone you pursue a relationship with in the future, you’ll be more in control of the sitch.

I’ve been knitting for a year and a half now, and I find myself incredibly drawn to lacework too. I love it’s intricacy and delicacy. I’ve only done a few small things, as i’m terrified of how long a shawl will take (although i have like 20 printed out i want to do), and i’m not sure that i could put it down and pick it up a few days later again without breaking it! I have a little one, and haven’t been able to have my mind on something properly for like 2 1/2 years now! I imagine lace knitters locked in some room they never come out of, doing little k2tog, yo, ssk, psso chants while someone ushers in food and drink for them :teehee: No I kid…

Just out of curiosity, do you knit conti or english?

Lying on the couch with face where he sat! I want to laugh but that’s the mindset I was in!
Saying ‘no’ when he wants me back, no way, I would totally take him back!!! Telling myself it’s IF not WHEN he breaks up with her, and he will then want me back, is how I am subconsciously making myself totally capable of dealing with it. I haven’t felt even nearly teary since I decided that! Seriously it works! All you girls hear me right?

Could you do a smaller version of the shawls?

I did English when I (re)learned about Juneish? last year but switched to Continental a couple of months ago.

As a child, I knew the knit stitch only, my mother knitted jumpers etc., but I was so tight my knitting got stuck on the needle and you actually couldn’t pull it off. Because pulling through the loop, the knit stitch would push off the new stitch. The only way I could keep it on was to pull the wrapped wool extra-tight! I started multiple scarves but never finished one.


I will seriously take you advise, if and when i ever need it… [size=1]but so far, I have never ever had anyone break up with me, it’s always been me, but don’t tell anyone[/size]

I am trying every now and then to learn conti. I manage it sometimes, then other times it gets the better of me. It’s the yarn wrapping i’m struggling with, that and the strange fact, that i feel like I am being unfaithful when i try to knit conti.

I suppose i could make a small shawl, but i wouldn’t be as impressive then would i? :roflhard:

he he… that’s what my knitting was like when i first took it back up. My nanna taught me when i was young, but have no ‘real’ memories of how i managed it. But when i started this knitting stint, i was like, how do people manage this, i can barely move this stuff, let alone get my needle in there… I’m much better now tho peoples, so don’t stress :teehee:

Anyhoos, it’s been a blast hijacking this thread
But i must shower and retire to bed… [size=2]soon[/size]

We return you to your regularly scheduled programming… Errhmmm, ummm, something about cables and purls i think!