How to identify unlabled yarn?

I picked up a cone of yarn at Goodwill last week. There was no label on it, but a, what appears to be quite aged, sticker on the inside of the cone reads,


followed by some numbers which make no sense to me. It’s an off white, very soft, fine yarn, which appears to be 3 plies. It has a sort of mohair or angora look to it, slightly fuzzy, with "hairs’ here and there.

I don’t have any small sized knitting needles yet, so I crocheted a small swatch of it with a size 5 hook. It’s a really soft texture. I’m thinking that when I ever get experienced enough to make sweaters, I’d like to knit a skimpy tank with spaghetti straps for my 21yod, assuming there’s enough there (and I’m really not sure of that, since I’ve not gotten experienced enough to judge that yet, either!).

:?? Would a scientific test be out of question? :lol: That’s the only way I can think to identify it. You can try to google the partial words.

:idea: As far as making something out of it. I doubt that one cone is enough to make an adult sized garment. You might be able to make some baby stuff out of it. First determine it’s weight; you can do that pretty much by eye and feel, or perhaps compare it to know weights in a LYS or your own stash if you have one. Then determine how many oz of yarn are in the cone. So if you determine that you have 16 ozs of sport weight yarn, then you can start looking for patterns that call for that amount or less. Since your calculations would be approximations, looking for a pattern that calls for 14 oz or so might be best so that you don’t run out of the yarn.

This is just what I would do …

Great advice-thank you! I did the google search (why didn’t I think of that? :?? ), and it appears it may be a lambs wool apaca blend. I weighed the cone on my scales and it weighed in at 1 1/2lbs. I’ll follow your other advice in trying to calculate if I have enough for a particular project. My dd is very petite, meaning she wears teeny little sweaters; I’d love to have enough to make her a tank, but if not, I’ll find something to make, I’m sure. :smiley:

I have some old Columbia-Minerva Ban-Lon (of all things!) yarn that was given to me by a friend who bought it in a thrift shop.

It’s super fun stuff – bright turquoise, nice texture – but the label doesn’t have the length on it. I’ve searched the Internet high-and-low to no avail.

I swear I’m tempted to unravel a skein and measure the whole dang thing!