How To / High Fashion

I am a huge admirer of high fashion and often see techniques used on the runway that I want to figure out, so I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on that. Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts and share your wisdom!

Last night I was perusing instagram and one of my favorite knitwear designers Ryan Roche posted this photo - - I love the texture and think it could look interesting around a neck or cuff.

I have also seen this fringe like method but with a loop of yarn rather than a single strand and that looks interesting as well.

Any fringe aficionados in the house?

Thank you!

really good idea for a discussion- im always looking at runway designs and even just simple sweaters from urban outfitters and such wishing i knew the person who made the pattern :sob:

I havent seen any patterns good enough to make me want to jump into the whole fringe thing but i am planning on making a fuzzy sweater ( when i finish the one im making now

Thank you @dmlkay :slight_smile:

I agree 100% with seeing things in trendy shops and wanting to replicate it. And then with it being fast fashion and all, I start thinking of ways to make it better.

The cut-outs in the sleeve of the fuzzy sweater on your to-do list are awesome. So many ways to wear that. What shade are you thinking of making it in? Also, I’ve never seen a yarn with that sort of refined fuzzy texture. That could be lots of fun to work with.

What I really like about the Ryan Roche fringe is the volume. So I would need to look into some boucle yarns. Another reason why I liked it is because it reminded me of what Rick Owens sent down the runway for Spring/Summer 2017 which is Ostrich. I like the softer texture here. It’s a bit more delicate but still thick and full.