How to....Hat

Merry Christmas fellow knitters.

I want to learn a new skill and learn to knit a hat.

Is there a video on this site that will show me how to knit a hat?



The videos will show you how to Cast on, join for circular knitting (or you can knit one flat), how to knit, purl and decrease. There should be some easy hat patterns in the pattern section, find one you like and ask us what you need to know.

Sue, can you direct me to the video? I can knit, purl, decrease, increase…just don’t know how to do the whole “hat” thing.


You don’t need a video for a hat, just a pattern. There are several generic ones that work for any yarn or needle size, though I don’t have links for them. You would figure your sts per inch, times the inches you need (about an inch or two less than the head) and CO that number. Work in ribbing for an inch or two, then knit in stockinette. Decrease when the hat gets to be about 8 inches. You should be able to find a pattern here -