How to handle ends of slub/bouclé yarn

I have a work near completion in which I combined 5 yarns. (I prefer not to discuss the wisdom of that choice at this time.) Two of the yarns are Ironstone’s Felicia, a cotton and rayon blend, slub-bouclé type. The other yarns include raw silk, baby cashmerino, and a narrow silk ribbon.

I cannot ‘weave’ the ends of the Felicia into the body of the garment. The bumps will NOT go through. What’s the best way to handle these yarn ends? They are at the edges, where I changed yarn types.


You might try laying each boucle end flat across the back of the piece and whip-stitching over it with a tapestry needle and a strand of thin, smooth yarn – maybe the baby Cashmerino. About an inch of closely-sewn stitches should be enough to hold the end in place, and if you are careful not to sew through to the front, should look quite neat. Hope you don’t have too many of these to do! As for the wisdom of your mix – it sounds beautiful and original.

What she said! That’s a very good idea.