How to graft lace edging.

I am knitting a round shawl that has a lace edging on it. The pattern says to join the lace edging. The beginning of it is a provisional cast on. I have done Kitchener before for knit and purl, but I don’t know how to join yo’s or ktog’s. Any help would be much appreciated!

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What pattern are you working? Can you give us a pattern name or a pattern link?
Without seeing the pattern, what about adding a row of knit sts after the yo’s and decreases? Then you could use Kitchener on the live sts and the provisional sts.

The pattern is Alistair’s Rose on Ravelry. The first row of the edging is row 2 of the pattern. Since it is on a provisional cast on, I can’t do it as a knit row can I?

You could put the sts of the provisional cast on onto a needle and use Kitchener to connect to the live sts from the last edging row. Treat the loops from the provisional (these are the loops between sts) as knit sts and seam to the live sts.
I can give this a try on a swatch, just to see how it goes. You might do the same so that you can anticipate any problems and check that you like the finished look. At any rate, use lifelines here in case you want to re-work the join.

Gorgeous shawl!

I am a true below ever in lifelines! I will try out your suggestion - maybe tonight if I get some free time. Would I be better off to make my last row the same as the first row and do a duplicate stitch graft? I have never done that either but I am curious about it.

I don’t think it will matter if the first and last rows match. I’ll try the pattern and kitchener when i get home.

You are amazing!
Thank you

The Kitchener stitch works just fine, even with the yarn overs. If you prefer, you could add a row of knit sts to the live sts and to the provisional sts before grafting but I don’t think it’s necessary.

How did you handle the yarn overs? Do you treat the k2togs as a normal knit stitch?
Thank you

I treated the yarn overs and the k2togs as single sts, just as you would treat them if working the following row. The yarn overs aren’t as stable as a knit stitch would be but they won’t look like a glaring mistake either.

Wow, that’s amazing! I can’t imagine ever getting that advanced and talented to make something so beautiful like this shawl!

If you’d like to make a stunning shawl like this one, you’ll get there. It does take skill and practice with lace (plus patience and lifelines)!

I finally finished the shawl and hopefully uploaded some pictures of it.
Thanks for the help!


That shawl is exquisite! You’ve worked it beautifully in every detail. I’m in awe.

Thank you for your help!