How to get this scarf done..?

Hello there kind people!

I found a wonderful pattern where you knit a scarf with a two colored pattern as a tube, and at the end you cut it open. Before that you are supposed to handle the edges with some special stitches, but I have not found information about that stitch and I have no idea how to get that part safely done so I won’t destroy the work. Unfortunately I don’t even know what the name of this stitch is in English, so I cannot check if there is a tutorial on Youtube either. Would be just wonderful if someone knew how to get clear instructions for the purpose that even a newbie like myself would understand! Thank you so very much in all cases!

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Welcome! It would help if you’d give us the name of the pattern and a link. We won’t know what the stitch is either without seeing more info.

Oh sorry, didn’t realize. I will put the link here, but I did not find an English translation to it. There are some pictures tho, and I’d need to do the stitches that are done to the edge of the scarf with red yarn. Thank you so much!

The thing is that the pattern information is not very complete. They just say, “do these stitches” and show where in the drawing, but don’t tell how.

Honestly it just looks like fringe to me. I wouldn’t even worry about it till you get there. Are you a new knitter? The pattern itself will require knitting in the round and fair isle based on what you say and the picture.

Thank you, and yes, I am indeed a new knitter. But I am already so far with the work that I should prepare the work ( tube) to cutting it open from the middle. And the stitch there on the pattern that is done with the red yarn is very alien to me, and the pattern does not tell how to do it. I think “fringes” might be the things that hang there at the ends as decorations…? ( I am also not a native English speaker.) And thank you again for your time!!

What you’re looking for is “steeking” or “steeks.” It’s the process of making a knit piece, then cutting a sleeve opening or, in this case, opening the tube to make a flat piece.

Usually, you make two parallel rows of very close and dense sewn stitches, often piercing the yarn itself to make sure it stays in place, then cut between them. It sounds as if you’re planning on red stitching as a decoration as well as to hold the edges. In that case, you can do anything from sewing it closely to sewing, cutting and crocheting over the sewn line. Wool yarn will stick to itself and make it very unlikely to ravel.