How to get started scrapbooking?

I typically put my pictures in Hallmark albums and it is just pictures - no stickers etc etc. Well, when I got married a friend talked me into buying all this scrapbooking stuff to put engagement, honeymoon, and wedding pictures in as a regular album as I have always done would be tooo boring. Then she got married, got a new job, moved further away from me, and her young daughter got pregnant. Needless to say we do not get to see each other much anymore so 2 yrs later I have all this scrapbooking stuff sitting in a closet. I am not creative (very good at following directions though) so does anyone have any suggestions and where and how to start scrapbooking? Or would anyone like to buy a lot of scrapbooking stuff and I will go buy more Hallmark albums?

I don’t scrapbook, but my daughter does and when I watch her she usually just sorts her photos and places them in the pages and then works on one page at a time. If she gets more photos that relate to one of the books she has started she just put them with the book till she gets ideas for that page. She usually cuts out borders for each photo with a color scheme and goes with that. Some examples are: She went on a cruise for her honeymoon, and she glued sand on the bottom of the page with the photos on the beach. She also used some of her cards cut out from her wedding to decorate her wedding photo page. She always picks up the little stickers and such from the dollar store and uses a lot of scraps from Pot Pourri and ribbons. If these ideas are not enough information, and you still want to sell the scrapbooking stuff I’m sure my daughter would be interested.

Scrapbook magazines!! That’s where I usually get alot of my inspiration and alot of times they will list all of the embellishments they used and what techniques. For a beginner, I think this is the best place to start and once you get the hang of it, you’ll just start rolling through your pages! It really is an addicting hobby!

Several of my friends are heavy into scrapping, and I think I have heard them mention classes at the local scrapping stores. It probably likely at most, if not all, of your local scrapping stores would offer classes too. A major bonus would be that you would meet people that could become your friends and give you pointers! :thumbsup:

I also do scrapbooking and I would suggest looking into a couple of beginner classes in a Scrapbook store. Then magazines and online sites all have galleries to look at. Scrapbook styles are changing all the time and new papers etc are coming out every month it seems. Don’t make the mistake I did, buy as you go along or you will end up with a big scrapbook stash as well as a yarn stash.

Don’t make the mistake I did, buy as you go along or you will end up with a big scrapbook stash as well as a yarn stash

SOOO true… I have a basement full. At some point I am going to get rid of all the (sb)scrapbook stuff on ebay. I prefer to knit then sb. :teehee:

You can also look on ebay at finished pages to help with some ideas.

I am sooo there with ya sister! I’ve spent [I][U]at least[/U][/I] $5000 (yes three zeros) on SB supplies. I’ve created two books and then some small ones as gifts. I’ll NEVER use everything I’ve bought. I think I like buying more then making. I’m so anal about it that it takes me minimum of two hours to make one page. I love it though.

Definitely buy as you go, only buying what you’ll use. You’ll be so much better off. Easiest and cheapest way to find ideas is to just look at galleries on line. Don’t judged your work against others, if you’re just starting out it might not be as “nice” looking, but you’re just starting. You’ll get better. It’s all about your preference. What one person might love another might think “ick!” Make it for your likes, no one elses. Good luck and have fun! :thumbsup:

Thanks ladies !! Turns out my friend who has promised to help me contacted me after I made this post and so I gently reminded her about all my scrapbooking stuff. As luck would have it one of the doctors I work with does Creative Memories and she hosts get togethers to work on scrapbooking maybe once a month so it looks like I have in invite to the one in April !! I would sooo love to get this book underway and finish for my second anniversary.
OMG - I’m afraid I will be one of those anal people that spend 2 hrs on each page !!