How to get perfect stockinette?

When I knit stockinette in the round, instead of stitches appearing like perfect v’s, it looks like a bunch of vertical bars and slashes.

Here’s a picture to illustrate the difference.

Mine comes out like the one on the left and I want it to look like the one on the right. Any tips?

Use a different yarn. It’s not the knitting in the round vs knitting flat, it’s how the yarn is spun or plied. This article will explain it.

So try a yarn similar to the yellow in the round and it should look just the same as knitting flat.

I cannot thank you enough for this information! It has bothered me for the longest time and now I finally understand it. THANK you!

It looks like you’re twisting you sts by knitting into the back of the loop from the right instead of into the front of the stitch from the left. Take a look at the video on the knit stitch under Free Videos at the top of the page, Knit. i think the item you knit looks great in the very even stitch pattern but it you want it to look like the one on the right, try the video.

No they’re not twisted, look at the base, they’re even. Look at the pictures in the article I linked to.

Is there really a need to use this tone? Could this be reworded in a more supported and positive manner?

I’m sorry, just trying to be helpful. I disagree that the sts are twisted; they do look like the stitches pictured in the article.

The left leg of the stitch is twisted. It is not twisted because of the way it was knitted. The twist is caused by the twist in the yarn.

I also agree with cacunn I found your response unnecessarily rude. If you are talking to someone and the their statement starts with “no” you will feel it as an attack. Then add the way the rest of your statement is worded it will come across as rude and offensive.

The response was not addressed to me and I was offended.

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about - the twist in the yarn, not from how the sts are knit.

Sorry about my ‘tone’, I’m a fairly blunt spoken though not rude person.

That is one problem with online discussions, all the other person(s) “hear” are your words. In face to face there is voice, face and body language to soften the words. Online there are only words. You can be blunt but IMHO there is no excuse for being rude.

I am 63 years old and every time I have heard something like “I’m blunt not rude” it has turned out to really mean “I known I’m being rude, but, I don’t want to take responsibility for my actions.”

But then I am only being blunt and not intentionally rude.

I hate to see hard feelings come up here on KH. When I read Suzeeq’s post with the “No” in it I didn’t hear any negativity. I’ve known Suzeeq a long time and just heard her trying to clarify, not be rude. She helps so many on here and at Ravelry that if she gave long answers and had to worry about her wording too much she wouldn’t have a life. :slight_smile: I see her exactly as she described herself–blunt, but not rude. I hope no one will leave the forum over this misunderstanding.

I hope I have not offended anyone myself. I can imagine myself starting a statement, like Sue did, with the word “no” without meaning to be rude. It is hard to always be careful enough when body language, sound of voice, facial expression, etc. are not available to make clear how we meant something to come across.

I assure you, no offense taken. I think the usefulness and fun of this forum is in the advice and opinions of the members. The more voices heard, the better.
That said, this does look like a problem with ply and not twisted stitches.

Why leave, I have just been told that it is OK to be rude, excuse me, blunt if I am in a hurry. I will not have to reread my posts just shoot from the lip.

I wasn’t going to post in this thread anymore, but feel I do need to bring up an issue related to the posts in it.

On other forums it’s considered very rude to call out another member in public. At ravelry, moderators will remove posts that do so, and will lock threads that get derailed that way. If you have a problem with anyone, whether a moderator or another member, take it private, don’t air your grievances in public.

Thanks for this link to a very helpful article and for clarifying that this isn’t a twisted stitch issue. I, too, have often wondered why my stitches looked different from another person’s in a different yarn. Thought it was just me doing something wrong! Hee!

All around very helpful information to have!

I think Sue hit the nail on the head, since you used a single ply yarn. But for the record, it’s also possible to get that effect with a balanced multi-ply yarn, as I often do myself. For me it happens just because of the way I knit into the stitch, holding the back of the stitch in place with my left hand, and stretching out [I]only the right side of the stitch to knit into it–[/I]it creates a temporarily lopsided stitch. It evens out with blocking, but honestly I’ve always thought it looks neat. I’ve had people ask me what stitch I did to get the effect. You can see it a little bit in my buttonhole video, if you pause and look at the fabric: