How to get pattern from site

I can’t see how to get this pattern. I don’t know if I have to buy a book or if I can download it from somewhere.
Someone that is used to using Ravelry please help.
Connie :knitting:

Oh, cute pattern. It’s in a book called “Vintage Knits for Modern Babies” and it looks like it’s available from Amazon in paperback.

Here’s one that’s similar and free. You can find more by clicking on patterns at the top of the Rav page and choosing advanced search on the left.

Ravelry is more like an index listing of patterns; many of the ones listed are in books or magazines. You could see if a library near you has it, if yours doesn’t shelf it they could order it from another one. I clicked on the ‘Search your local libraries’ link on the page Salmonmac linked and there’s 2 in my state that have it.

I found one I like on the free patterns.
The pattern calls for size 10 and 11 lion brand needles, I have these in aluminum are they the same?
Thank you for all your help, couldn’t do this without you! No one around me knits, and knowing I have a place to go for help gives me the incentive to keep trying new things.

Thank’s for your suggestion, I did go to the library and didn’t have much luck. This library is’t very big.
I appreciate all the help I get from people on this site!

Oh sure, you can substitute the brand of needles. Be sure to do a swatch though to make sure you get the pattern gauge with your size needles and yarn. If you need to adjust, you’ll be changing needle size. Good luck with it and post a picture of the finished sweater if you can.

I prefer to use the online library source because it draws books from the entire county instead of one library. You may not have that available if you live in a small town though.

You might want to talk to your librarian in the future. They have something called an interlibrary loan. If it’s not available in your city library, it might be available in another city that’s connected with your system. They put in an order for you. The other library ships it to yours, and you pick it up. You return it 30 days later and it goes back to them. Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 months for them to get it in for you. It depends. Some people might have put a hold on it ahead of you. This is mostly for popular books and best sellers. If it’s available in a city nearby, it’s worth a road trip to pick it up in person. You can use your local library card if the other library is in the system. My library has a computer system that tells me where the book is available in what city and you can put a hold on it right from the screen.

A little trivia: The first person to start a public lending library was Benjamin Franklin.