How to get only a few stitches on circular needles?

OK - I am almost done with a baby hat, that looks great on the brim and up the crown to where it starts to really decrease. I think I have about 18 stitches on my circular needles now and it’s supposed to go down to 4 eventually, but here’s my problem: How on earth am I supposed to get so few stitches to “reach” as far as they need to on the needles, like from one end to the other when I transfer the knit stitch onto the right needle?? Does that make sense?? I am starting to have major problems and am just fighting with the darn thing, so I thought I’d better take a break and look for some advice…let me know if my issue needs better clarification.

You’ve gotten to the point where you have to switch to double pointed needles, or use one of the techniques such as magic loop or using two circs for small circumference knitting.

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