How to get a "star" shape rectangle

Hi everyone…don’t usually post here since I usually “knit more”, but I’ve decided to put all my “granny squares” together to make a blanket…Some of the “motifs” are star shape…I forgot how to go around the edge to make them rectangular and crochet them (all the “squares”) together…I have been doing a dc around the edges but the star stills turns out a star:eyebrow: Any suggestions:hug:

Maybe you should put the rectangular ones together separately and have two blankets. A star one and a rectangular one.

Only have a few “star” motifs, the problem is I can’t remember (for the life of me) how to “shape them” on the side to get them rectangular…I think I need to incorporate someTrebles in there, but can’t figure out how:aww: Thank you

Two solutions you might consider. Make a plain rectangle in a contrasting color and use the star as an applique. Or, less simply, chain between points of the star, making essentially a circle. In the next one or two rows, create corners for your rectangle.

:woohoo: I like that idea!!! Thanks