How to get 48 sts from pattern?


I would like to get some help with this pattern. I started the pattern by casting on 26 stitches and knit a lacy rib stitch for 15cm. But then the pattern states, “Inc 1 st at each side of foll row and every 8 rows 5 more times then ever 6 rows 5 times = 48 sts.”

I don’t understand how they get 48 sts? I count 12 additional stitches but I think its the first part that I’ve misread. Could someone help me!


OK, you start with 26

Inc [I]next[/I] and every 8 rows [I]5 [/I]times more = 2 x 6 = 12 for 38

Inc each end every 6th row 5 times = 2 x 5 = 10 for 48

make sense?

Thanks for the reply. But in the first section, where you count 12 sts,
how do you get [B]6[/B]? I still don’t get it…

The 6 comes from the fact that you increase on the[B] next[/B] row and repeat that[B] 5 more[/B] times. Yes?

Oh I get it. Thanks!!!

If this is for the left sleeve on a sweater, what is the best way to do the increases? Make it between stitches so that it is invisible (make one increase so it slants to lft or rt?) or do a “bar increase” where it is visible? Thanks again for all the help!

A good way to do sleeve increases is to work a M1 between the first and second or second and third stitches from the edges. This gives you a nice line of knitting for seaming the sleeve.

Another option is to kfb at each edge and seam one stitch in from these increases to hide them.