How to 'fuse'

am working on the Wonderful Wallaby and have the pouch ready toattach to the body of the sweater, and not sure what it means to 'fuse’the edges. anyone out there working on this that can maybe clarify this? thanks inadvance. linknit41

I’m going to BUMP your question so that you don’t get lost on page 2. I don’t know what FUSE the edges means either, but maybe someone else will tomorrow!

Do you have a link for the pattern for us? We could read or see the pattern, and get a better idea of what FUSE might mean or look like.

Maybe it’s just another way of saying “whip stitch them together”.
Is your pattern an AMERICAN pattern, or is it French, or British? Japanese?

Sometimes patterns from other countries use different terminology than we do.

I found a KAL for the Wonderful Wallaby. Maybe you can get some tips from these ladies! (I googled the words Wonderful Wallaby Knitting and got several choices pop up!) CLICK HERE

What you’re doing is actually knitting the pouch onto the front of the sweater. This confused me at first because I didn’t understand the term “fusing”. After you do the worksheet on page 21 where it states “YOUR SWEATER”, then you’ll know where to start fusing (or knitting) the pouch to the front. It reminded me of the 3-needle bind-off, but you’re not binding off-- you are knitting the held stitches on the pouch to the circular needle on the sweater and you continue with knitting in the round once the pouch stitches are knitted on (fused on). It’s not as difficult as it sounds–it also confused me at first. Hope that helps some.


thanks knitaholic–this does help–think i will try it on a sample or something so if it doesn’t work out the first time it won’t mean tinking on the actual garment, which is such a drag! i sometimes have a hard time visualizing directions and have to try more than once to ‘get it’. like the sweater i was working on so diligently and wondering why it didn’t look right, then noticed AT THE SAME TIME–aargh.thanks again. linknit41

oh do i feel silly–just continued reading on page 21 of instructions,and once again, i asked a question before reading further–i get it now!! yay! thanks again–linknit41

You’re welcome–glad I could help.

just finished ‘fusing’ the wallaby pouch and it only took me two attempts–miscounted the stitches the first time. looks good-oh fyi, it is red Lion Brand Cotton ease–is made for an almost 5 year old granddaughter. since we live in southTexas, her Mom wanted cotton. thanks again toeveryone who had tips. linknit41.