How to fully cast off a section, and then join remaining section

I am currently working on the front of the sweater, shaping the shoulder and neck. I have been working a portion of the stitches, while the rest of the stitches stay unworked. At a certain point, the pattern says to bind off the final stitches of the section I’ve been working, to then slip some of the stitches from the other section into a holder, and finally to join yarn to remaining stitches of the other section. Specifically:

Next row: Purl.
Cast off rem 7 (7-8-8-9-10) sts.

With RS facing, slip next 12 (12-
14-14-16-16) sts onto st holder for
front neck.
Join yarn to rem sts.

My questions are

  1. When I cast off rem 7 of the first section, do I cut my yarn as I usually would, leaving just a tail on this section?

  2. What does “join yarn to rem sts” mean for those left on the left needle at that point? What yarn? Any yarn? Or the tail I just made?

I’ve also highlighted the section in the attached image.


Thank you!

Yes, cut the yarn leaving a tail to weave in later.
Rejoin a new end of you main working yarn to the stitches on the left needle. You’ll be working with a new end from the same ball of yarn or from a new ball, whatever is a source of your working yarn. This could be the rest of the yarn after the yarn was cut leaving a yarn tail. This shoulder will be separate from the first shoulder and unconnected to it.

Thank you so much! That makes sense. I will give it a try. Thanks again!

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