How to frog mohair?

Anyone has any tips on frogging mohair? I’m planning to frog a whole sweater i’ve knit a few years ago and i thread the process :??. Any help will be much appreciated :hug:

I just frogged about 20 rows of a shawl so I could change the color. I kept a pair of small scissors handy for when the fuzzy part of the thread got caught up or stuck. It’s a realy pain, let me ashure you!

Oh boy…I’ve heard horror stories about frogging mohair. :doh: Fortunately my skin doesn’t like it so I don’t have to find out personally.

If all else fails you could felt it (if it’s feltable) and cut it up and make a bag or something out of it.

There’s a rumor that it sticks together less if you freeze it for a couple of hours before trying to frog it. Frankly, I don’t believe it.

If you don’t want to go Jan’s route and felt the thing, my only advice is to go very slowly and tease it apart rather than trying to rip it out a row at a time.

Mmmm… Thanks for the advice, everybody :slight_smile: I see i really have a reason to dread this frogging. Yet another question about mohair - I was told that mohair should be knit with another strand (cotton or something) just to keep the shape of the garment. Do you do that? Say, in lace shawls? Thanks

The freezing apparently does work; it draws in the little fibers that make it stick to itself at normal temperatures.