How to frog entrelac crochet ???

If anyone can explain this, I shall fall to my knees and kiss her toes …
I’ve spent an hour manually pulling out yarn stitch by stitch.
Up with which I can put no more.

I withdraw my question !
I’m a moron (Rex Tillerson agrees): my casting on row was so damned good that I thought it was the bind-off row ! [grin]
After fruitless attempts there, I did try the other end; but the fact that I’d had to start a new ball almost at the finish meant huge confusion because of weaving-in.
I’ve said it before: just shoot me.

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Thanks once again, M-R. This was a whole new world for me. I’d never though about crochet entrelac before. I watched most of this video which looks more like Tunisian crochet:

I don’t see a good way around stitch by stitch frogging for an entire row, assuming this is similar to the method you used. I’ll be interested in what someone with experience in the technique has to say. If nothing else maybe an email to Mikey at the Crochet Crowd would help?

Yep, tunisian it is, me old china. :slight_smile:
But I’m hot to trot with frogging the 8 or 9 feet of it now, having done 2 already (it’s so easy|quick to become bored beyond words), once having found that the problem was just me.
PS, Salmonmac: I haven’t come good with my suggestion re pooling because I have become stuck on one tricky point and not yet solved it …

I know you’ll solve whatever the problem is and brilliantly.