How to fix weird loose side loop (stitch?)

I was knitting along and came across a stitch that looked funky. I undid that stitch, in that I took out the top loop of that stitch that was on my needle. I was expecting to see what you see when you drop a stitch and pick it back up…a little loop underneath a straight line of yarn connecting to the stitches on either side. You put the line of yarn under that loop and pull the line out the other end and put it on the left needle.

But instead what came out of it was this??? A weird…side? loop? If I pull that loop, it just becomes a bigger loop I’m pretty sure, like it was knotted onto itself…its very strange.

I would be incredibly grateful for any advice. I played with it trying to figure out where it went and I think I made it worse…

You may have put your knitting down mid-row. When you picked it up again, you started knitting in the wrong direction. Complete a row if possible before putting the knitting down or look carefully to determine which is the last stitch that the working yarn is attached to. That’ll tell you which direction is correct.
Your knitting and stitch pattern looks lovely.

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Hmm I made the same error again!

Any idea how to fix it? In the last two photos, I used a stitch marker to identify the perplexing side loop

The only real fix is to take out the row until you come to the loop. You don’t have to take your needle out of all the sts at once. You can tink back (that’s knit spelt backwards). Here’s a video.

If you don’t want to do that you would have to use a short piece of your working yarn to catch the loop and somehow hide it in your row.

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