How to fix unraveled rows

Got a big problem had to unravel about 6 rows of my scarf, now i can get back started. when i try to put the needle back in the stiches they are twisted or at the end their are two big loops. i cant explain this real good so bear with me if i had any hair left i would pull it out right now LOL. i just cant seem to get the needle started agin all i was doing was a kint stitch.

      Can anyone help me :guyknitting:

If the stitches are twisted you can knit into the back of them to straighten them out. You could also put it on the needles and then unknit or “tink” back one stitch at a time to the next row which should help.

Here’s some links on fixing mistakes -

How to “tink” =

Yes, reset the stitches as you come to them, or you can undo one more row, stitch by stitch, inserting the needle into the `unknit’ stitches one by one.

so the mess i got myself into can be fixed :woohoo: thats really good becouse i have really tried at this knitting stuff an didnt want my first scarf to be a wast. i spent alot of time being very carefull just to get 2 feet of scarf, i’m slow lol Thank you for your help

I think I fixed it the videos helped an the other links yall saved my work thank you so much:cheering: