How to fix this mess 😞

Hello! I just decided today I wanted to start knitting again after years! But I desperately need help!! I am knitting flat with circular needles, I started my garter stitch and everything was good for a couple stitches then things started to go bad…I had this very long piece of yarn between the tops of both the needles…I started over 5 times to see if I could do anything different to fix it but nothing worked…finally I stitched down to my slipknot to see if that would work but sadly I have no idea how to fix this…PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! I really don’t want to start over again because I have no idea what I’m doing wrong!!! Just to add…I kept pulling the stitches tight as I was going because if I didn’t they all looked like a total mess but the further down I got the longer the yarn in the middle got

It looks like this is your first knit row after your cast on (CO).
You have knit across and the space between CO stitches became larger as you progressed across your row.
Now you have one stitch remaining (your slip knot loop) on the left needle and a large stretch of slack yarn and the second to last CO stitch worked onto your right needle. Yes?

It looks like you used a twisted loop CO, also called backwards loop CO and it is the subject of the following video

This is typical behavior for this CO method when the stitches are snugged up tight. It does not work well for the start of a project. It is most often used in the middle of a project to add sts at the edge (end of a row) or in the next row after (and over) a button hole cast off.

My choice would be to start again trying a different CO method such as a knit cast on.

What is the pattern you are following, link or a name and publication source? Because the pattern of the first row or two can help you choose a better CO to start with.

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