How to fix boo boos

I am a brand new knitter ! I am trying to teach myself. I am learning to knit the “continental” way. I do fine until I make a mistake and I don’t know how to fix it. So I end up ripping everything out and starting over again. Very frustrating ! I’m starting out with small projects like dish rags and mug mats so starting over isn’t too much of a problem. How do I learn to fix errors like dropping stitch or purling when I should have knitted?

The thought of it is actually more scary than the actual process! lol

When I first began knitting, I would do the same thing…I was so afraid of fixing a mistake I’d just frog the whole thing and start over. Eventually, I got really, really tired of it and decided to practice fixing mistakes on swatches. I’d intentionally drop stitches and such so I could fix them.

Amy has some wonderful videos for fixing mistakes, they can be found here:

I suggest doing what I did…Practice fixing mistakes before starting a project…That way when it comes to fixing a mistake in a project, it won’t be as nerve wracking!

Sometimes your LYS will offer classes called something like “Oops”. If you have a LYS nearby, call them and ask about an “Oops” class. (fixing boo-boos). If they don’t, make a suggestion that it could be a well-received class by many knitters.