How to fix/avoid Messy Cables


Hey gang!

I am working on my first cabled blanket it’s going really well so far. The only thing I have a slight issue with is the messy left column of knit stitches.

On the wrong side, whem I come to purl the first stitch after a knit I have learned to wrap the working yarn clockwise which eliminates laddering. Perfect! I don’t seem to be able to fix the other lose stitches though. I’m wondering if knitting inyobthr back loop would be the answer?



Welcome to KH!!! I like your cables and your even stitches. I don’t see anything wrong with them.

Happy knitting!!


Oh gosh! You are so kind but the last column is definitely a bit wonky!


OK, here is another picture. I’m working my way through and really watching…

The stretched knit stitches seem to be below the purls where I wrapped the yarn clockwise. Those stitches are obviously twisted and so when I go back to knit through the back I see that it widens the top of stitch underneath it! Yes? Yes? :blush:

I think I may need to come see if there is another way to prevent the laddering. I haven’t had much! success with pulling the yarn tighter as demonstrated by a few seasoned YouTube knitters.


It all looks pretty to me too but maybe this will help?


I think it looks great too! I just made a blanket with Bernat Velvet and was really having issues with loose cable stitches. I started pulling my lurks tighter, giving an extra tug after each purl, and was my ch happier with the result. I find it’s now a habit on all my purl stitches


I was just looking at this with a coworker (we work in a knit shop; aren’t we lucky?) We discovered that, for my pal, working the first stitch after the cable through the back loop fixed up the issue with that left side stitch.
BTW, I think your work looks beautiful.


Aha! Thank you! I did wonder if that might work.

Thank you everyone for your compliments and suggestions.